casino outside 840x385 - New York’s $1.2 Billion Casino Opens Its Doors to the Public

As you may already know, New York is home to a number of casinos, both public and private. Plus, due to the industry playing a major role in tourism, even the government is helping improve New York’s gambling operators.

Now, another big-time casino will be opening its doors to the public – the Resorts World Catskills. The name came from the 18-story hotel tower in Thompson, Sullivan County where it was called the Catskills of the Borscht Belt era.

The hotel tower is already known for its luxury, excitement, and especially, entertainment. With the addition of the new casino, business will boom in the next months or even years.

What They Offer

There are many casinos in New York, and Resorts World Catskills would have to compete against all of them. The said casino prides itself with their wide-range of table games, with more than 150 games and 2,150 slot machines.

If you were to compare it with another casino, it would be the Empire City Casino with 5,222 video-lottery terminals located in the Yonkers Raceway.

casino machines - New York’s $1.2 Billion Casino Opens Its Doors to the Public

Resorts World Catskills is, however, looking to increase the number of slot games they offer to cater to high rollers. What’s more, you just have to travel 90 miles from New York City to get to this casino.

Political figures such as Governor Cuomo looks forward to this development. Plus, you’ll get the option of 332 all-suite rooms in the hotel tower, as well as villas with pools which cater to big spenders and high rollers.

The Future of The Casino

Overall, the cost of the casino and hotel is about $900 million although there are still parts of the building under construction.

You can also expect entertainment to improve in this area. This is due to the owner’s desire to make the building cater more to families with shopping areas and other means of entertainment.

One of this is the indoor waterpark planned to be opened to the public in the building, which is to be called the Kartrite Hotel & Indoor Waterpark.

Another entertainment feature is the “Monster” golf course that is announced to be reopened at the Concord after getting a new design based on the Rees Jones course.

numbers in machine - New York’s $1.2 Billion Casino Opens Its Doors to the Public

What’s to Expect

Resorts World Catskills is expected to be the center of the gaming market in the Northeast and is expected to continue doing so in the future.

It is also the 20th casino in New York although some of them have failed to meet the expectations of the public.

While this may bring tremendous pressure to the citizens, Resorts World hopefully fulfills their mission to compete with other casinos for customers as an established competitor.

With the addition of this new casino, entertainment will improve in New York and the history of gambling is continued. Not everyone expects it to be the best among the casinos, but supporters at least expect it to succeed in its venture.

MGM outside sign in street 840x385 - MGM Pushes Decision to Make Full-Scale Gaming License Come True for Empire City Casino

Just recently, the Rooney family received approval from the Gaming Commission of New York for selling the Empire City Casino along with the Yonkers Raceway property for $850 million to the new owner, MGM Resorts International.

Now, the family will receive an additional $50 million if MGM desires to obtain a casino license for the said property.

MGM Resorts Gains a Foothold

This deal was finalized on January 29, 2019, in which it gave MGM Resorts International a foothold due to the high-density of the New York City region.

mgm grand outside - MGM Pushes Decision to Make Full-Scale Gaming License Come True for Empire City Casino

In addition to this deal, MGM Resorts International had already been a part of many establishments such as the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, MGM Springfield in Western Massachusetts, and MGM National Harbor in Maryland.

Now, they’re hoping to maximize the value of the recent establishment made with the deal by starting their plan with a full-scale gaming license.


Despite being in a hurry, the Empire City received a moratorium in which they’re unable to host live table games until 2023.

This is said to have been done in order for upstate casinos to have a chance of gaining a footing in the market instead of getting crushed in the competition by the popular Empire City Casino.

Support for Empire City

There are many people who support the expansion of MGM Resorts International into New York in the form of the Empire City Casino. Many people state that it would not only benefit the international company, but also the city if they expand.

outside the building - MGM Pushes Decision to Make Full-Scale Gaming License Come True for Empire City Casino

It is also believed that the revenue from these gambling venues will benefit the city’s schools as they would receive a share of it, as well as increase job vacancies in the city due to the reopening of both the Yonkers Raceway and Empire City Casino.

Despite gambling companies operating for the sake of money, there are times where organizations are affected in a positive way. This may also improve the city’s entertainment source if the Empire City opens in 2023.

woman side 840x385 - Female Workers in New York Casinos Complain about the Establishments’ Lack of Security Management

Resorts World New York City is undoubtedly one of the most well-known casinos in New York’s gambling history. However, even the highest-level establishments get complaints sometimes, and some of them are major.

One of such cases is when a female worker was harassed and assaulted by one of the customers, which resulted in Resorts World being accused of failing to fulfill their role of protecting their workers, especially females.

This type of harassment is the norm for New York casinos due to the type of customers, but casino security should be able to handle it well.

Harassment and Lawsuit

Bartender Tuwanna Anderson of the said casino said she was a victim of not only harassment but also a violent assault of none other than their own male staff, who her with physical injuries.

She said this occurred when Tomas Davis, the culprit, appeared intoxicated and choked her, being proven to be true due to a captured surveillance video. Of course, this resulted in the loss of Davis’ job at the casino.

Misconduct of The Casino

As this type of harassment is the norm in casinos, it should already be understood by security that it would inevitably happen.

There are cases where customers are the ones committing sexual abuse, such as the case of a disabled woman who was allegedly abused in the bathroom by a yet to be revealed male perpetrator.

Sometimes, it’s the work of the casino staff, considering that there was a case where a female security guard was allegedly sexually harassed and discriminated by her male supervisor.

inside the casino - Female Workers in New York Casinos Complain about the Establishments’ Lack of Security Management

What Did it Result to?

These accusations didn’t stop the issue, though, as recently, there has been a case where female workers were said to be regularly harassed by patrons. Of course, this doesn’t end well for the casinos as well as customers.

Some of the great casinos that prevent these issues may get their share of a bad reputation for misconduct, while other customers who are genuinely honest and just playing for fun or money are generalized by the poor behavior of others.

Another result of these issues is that due to the bad reputation of casinos, manpower from female workers (some may even include male workers) decreases for the fear of being harassed as well.

This then results in the decreased workforce and slower management, causing customers to receive poor service they don’t deserve.

Money or Respect?

While other casinos tackle the issue of sexual harassment by confronting these culprits, they still allow them to stay inside the casino, which may look disturbing for the victims. This just tells us that some casinos really do favor money over respecting and safeguarding their employees.

dollars - Female Workers in New York Casinos Complain about the Establishments’ Lack of Security Management

Although there are many casinos that are twisted or failing to fulfill their responsibilities, it’s still undeniable that there are some that really prioritizes their employees over anything else.

Fortunately, this brings hope to other casinos and perhaps it should give them a second chance to change their priorities.

casino neon sign 840x385 - New York Casinos, Offering Sports Betting to Cultivate History and Culture

Sports betting is a popular type of gambling that relies on the results of different sports leagues such as the NFL, NCAA, NBA, and more. Aside from online casinos in New York, sports betting by far remains the most popular past-time in terms of revenue and interest, even though to date it hasn’t been regulated yet.

It’s also legalized since long ago and now; this type of gambling has been introduced to casinos. As a result, they’ve again taken another step further to improve New York’s gambling by including sports betting in several upstate casinos

In fact, the Gaming Commission of New York itself approves with this act stating that the four private casinos of New York will have to regulate sports wagering. This move then resulted in a 60-day public comment period until the regulation took effect.

So, for casino regulars that also do sports betting, this is a dream come true. You may also consider it as hitting two birds with one stone. The downside of this act was; however, sports wagers can’t be placed with mobile phones in New York.

Casinos for Sports Betting

The casinos included in the regulation that the Gaming Commission approved of include del Lago of the Seneca County; Rivers Casino in Schenectady; Resorts World Catskills in Sullivan County; and Tioga Downs in the Southern Tier.

They will have to come up with a plan for accepting sports wagers themselves such as the types of wagers and sports.

The Gaming Commission, however, didn’t approve of wagering on collegiate sporting events.

dollar and coin - New York Casinos, Offering Sports Betting to Cultivate History and Culture

The Downside

As you already know, New York is home to many gambling organizations and casinos. And it’s obvious that the addition of sports betting in casinos will increase their revenues.

That’s exactly why many casinos are proposing that they should also be able to partner up with the four private casinos in order to get their share of the sports wagering revenue.

Unfortunately, it was emphasized that private casinos should be the only ones to have the said privilege.

Just as it is usual with business, every move may or may not benefit the organization, but it’s particularly hard to please all parties. While there may be downsides, it’s beneficial overall as it opens the possibility of all casinos offering sports wagering around the world.

statue of liberty nyc 840x385 - How New York’s Gambling History Encouraged These Indian Resorts to Open Business

As one of the most well-known cities for gambling territories, buildings, and infrastructures, New York had caught the attention of many big-time companies that are looking for a profitable gambling business.

However, you’ll find that New York’s gambling history have a much wider reach than you think. In fact, you’ll see a lot of hotels and resorts companies incorporating casino or sports betting in their business.

Here are some of the infrastructures built and started by big companies inspired by New York’s gambling history, and what they offer.

Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino

Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino offers over 100 table games as well as 4,000 slots. They also have a poker room and they’re known for their entertainment such as a spa, shopping, golf, and restaurants where you can order both cheap and expensive food.

casino sign - How New York’s Gambling History Encouraged These Indian Resorts to Open Business

Turning Stone Resort and Casino

Turning Stone Resort and Casino also have a huge variety of casino games including table games as well as keno. They also offer bingo with relatively high stakes and over 2,000 slot machines for nickel worth gambling. There are also nightclubs, a spa, and stores.

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino

Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino specializes in their table games, considering that they only have around 800 slot machines which are relatively low compared to the rest of this list. When it comes to amenities, they offer sports bar and two restaurants to pick from.

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort is a huge casino resort covering more than 130,000 square feet, and that’s only their gaming space. It’s home for more than 1,800 slot machines, a bingo hall, as well as 30 table games.

Of course, they offer a hotel as well as several restaurants.

Seneca Allegany Casino and Hotel

Seneca Allegany Casino and Hotel prides itself with its high-limit table game room. They offer 30 table games with nearly 2,000 slots. There are also several restaurants, a hotel, and a spa.

These are the five most popular casinos hotels in New York. Due to the legalization of gambling, such as horseracing and casinos, hotels are also offering them for entertainment purposes.

However, whether you’re solely in for entertainment, or want to make some extra cash, these casino hotels are for you.